The Need for an Africa-specific regional domain comes from more than one indicator.

  • Currently, Internet users in the Pan-Africa and African region only have the option of utilizing a generic Top Level Domain (TLD) generic (gTLD) whose registrants are dominated by US and Eurpean individuals and businesses, or country-code TLDs (ccTLDs) that are intended for local use.
  • Current gTLDs also tend to focus on a vertical group (e.g. commercial entities, network providers, organizations , etc.) within the global Internet, “.Africa” will embrace a horizontal perspective with a clear brand to reach and enrich the broad global community.
  • Unlike ccTLDs, which provide for a local audience, “.Africa” will allow the user to express membership in the larger Pan African and African community.
  • .Africa domain will also allow Africa to take its rightful place alongside .EU, .ASIA