25 Feb 2010: Announcement - DCA hand picks its 2010 new appointments for addition to its Preliminary Advisory Board

With more nominations to come, DCA is very honored & proud to have Ms. Njeri Rionge,  S. Subbiah, Ms.Anitha Soni and Mr. Zaid Ali to join DCA at a board advisory capacity.

Left: Njeri Rionge is CEO and Founder, Ignite Consulting & Investment Limited, and Director and Co-founder, Wananchi Online Limited (www.wananchi.com), a leading IP communications solutions provider.  Njeri is a long-term advisor to ICANN. Njeri Rionge was elected to the ICANN Board by the Nominating Committee for two terms, from 2003 through 2008. Important links discussing Njeri's background include: ICANN Profile ; ICANN Wiki ; Linked-in.

Prof Subbiah is a Chairman and Co-Founder of  i-DNS.net International Inc., the venture capital -funded spin-off from National University of Singapore (NUS) that championed IDN. A pioneer on IDN, he coined the term "IDN" while being part of the team from NUS that in 1997/8 invented/developed the original IDN technology. His company is the first company which pioneered i-DNS technology for global deployment of multilingual domain names Dr Subbiah has been involved in Internationalized Domain Names "IDN" movement from back in 1999 and has been responsible for launches of IDN in more than a dozen countries since then.  He has recently launched the IDRU.org, a group of key global language members including DCA.  Prof. is also a long time advisor and follower of ICANN on Domian name policies and understands intimately the registry/registrar business as well as the policy space.  Africa is not new to Prof. Subbiah.  He has worked and travelled throught Africa extensivly and was involved for over a decade. Subbiah has a degree in Mathematical Physics from England and a Ph.D. in Biophysics from Harvard. A published author of peer-reviewed articles primarily in the area of computational biology and bioinformatics, he has also founded or co-founded several venture-backed start-ups located in Silicon Valley or Singapore and centered on either Internet/ computing technology or biotechnology.

Anitha Soni, CEO of ASA Tourism Services Group Johannesburg; as a diverse scope of experience, having successfully been involved in both the tourism and technology arenas. She was recently appointed by President of South Africa (SA), Jacob Zuma to be the Chair of the International Marketing Council for South Africa. She is one of South Africa's dynamic and active personality in Business and Economic development.  Hear it out for her most recent work at last month's World Economic Forum at Davos by Money Web and Africa Business News. Anitha was awarded - Business Women of the year - Foundation for Excellence - 1995 in 2002, Business Women of the Year -Black Business Quarterly.  Anitha has exceptional & unique experience in national and international branding of in her work in tourism and technology for development, a combination of skill that is invaluable for branding the "africa' domian name.   As many of us would remember the very first continental radio satellite visio of WorldSpace for Africa, the first Black women to hold a position , Anitha took the challenge as the Managing Director of WorldSpace Afristar Business Unit - providing leadership and strategy directtion to operations in Europe, UK, Africa & Indian Ocean Islands. CEO Profile, Linked-in.

Zail Ali is Director of Technical Operations at Genius.com.  He is also a founding member & president of the SFBAY- ISOC ( Internet Society) chapter.  Zaid's technical, managerial  & international experience is key to DCA's mission.  Linked-in; Zaid Blog.