7 May 2010 San Francisco USA - INETSF 2010

Theme: Internet trust, challenges and the next 10 years http://www.sfbayisoc.org/INETSF2010
In the current Internet model we are faced with growing challenges of trust. The San Francisco INET will bring together experts from Internet policy, standards, private sector and user community. The goal of this conference is not to find ways to focus on problems with the current Internet trust model but what we want the model to be in the next ten years.
The meeting is free and open to all, but pre-registration is required by April 23rd 2010. Speakers include: Peter Dengate Thrush, ICANN Chairman, Jim Fenton Cisco, Daniel T Dreymann, CEO Goodmail Systems, Dave Lewis, Online Trust Alliance, Zaid Ali President/Chairman SF-Bay ISOC and much more..
11/May/2010: SF-INET a success: Organizers and volunteers included DCA representatives. Articles: political prespective; email & trust perspective