24-28 May 2010 - DotAfrica at Abidjan, Cote d' ivoire

Cote d' ivoire, Abidjan: Jeff Konande interviewed the Executive Director of DotAfrica, one of the premium talk shows in the continent Capital Talk, K24 at the capital city of Abidjan, and asked about the new initiative she was promoting at the ADB conference - the ".africa" domain.
A link to the above interview is featured at newTLD.tv. http://www.newtlds.tv/

DCA was invited delegate for the African Development Bank's annual meeting along with other VIPs, who are there to shape the continent's economic agenda. Far Left: Dr. Ping, Chair of AU & Dr. Mo Ibrahim; Middle:Mr. Gabriel Negatu, ADB Executive; Right: Carl & Son of Goodworks USA; Photo's by DCA.