26 Aug 2010 – ".Africa" at IGF 2010 Kampala, Uganda

Kampala, Uganda: The 3rd EA-IGF, 2010 was held in Kampala, Uganda from 11th - 13th August, 2010. Hosted by the Uganda Communications Commission (UCC), I-Network Uganda, Collaboration on International ICT policy for East and Southern (CIPESA), and Women of Uganda Network (WOUGNET).

Sophia clarified is how the ".africa" TLD should not be seen as a competition to ccTLDs, rather, Bekele said "we will cross market and increase the visibiliy of every ccTLD
that wants to work with us. The .africa name should raise the profiles of all ccTLDs and regional block ings such as EAC or COMESA".

Sophia Bekele Interview with Monitor News, Kampala (Left)

Noting the audience's reactions to the popularity of the ".africa" name and talking to the press, Bekele said, "I quote Victor Hugo; no army is so powerful to stop an idea whose time has come. The ".africa" TLD is here to stay. I said the same when I championed IDNs at ICANN, which turned to be a success.

DCA was a supporter and sponsor of EAIGF Kampala forum. A sincere vote of thanks to the organizers and participants.

".Africa" presentation link: http://eaigf.or.ke/files/eaigf2010/dotafrica_presentation.pdf

Press coverage of Kampala: