DotConnectAfrica reporting from the "Rich Coast", San Jose Costa Rica

Delegates from all parts of the world have this month gathered in San Jose Costa Rica. The host country in Central America.Costa Rica, which means "Rich Coast", which means "Rich Coast", has an interesting history having constitutionally abolished its army permanently in 1949.

It’s one of the greenest countries in the world thriving with a rich ecosystem that could not escape ICANN CEO ,Rod Beckstrom’s opening speech saying  “Few places on earth can rival Costa Rica and its vast variety of plants, animals, and insects. Despite its relatively small size, it is home to almost 5% of the world's species including more than a thousand species of butterflies alone”.

The meeting which hosted delegates from all over the world was also attended by our very own Director and founder of DCA Ms. Sophia Bekele who had the opportunity to attend and actively participate in the lively discussions she was one of the delegates representing the African continent. This is the 43rd convention organized since the inception of ICANN .
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Here are some of the photos that we captured  
Ms. Bekele With a delegate
Ms. Bekele with a delegate


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