DotConnectAfrica Trust (DCA Trust) celebrates the launch of

Ms. Sophia Bekele

DotConnectAfrica Trust (DCA Trust) celebrates the launch of the new professional website of its founder and CEO, Ms. Sophia Bekele ( The website and attempts to introduce as well as capture the professional life and biography of Ms. Bekele who has pursed diverse corporate interests and tackled many work-related challenges throughout her career.

Sophia Bekele is arguably one of Global Technology and Internet Authorities. Having studied and worked in the most technology vibrant State, in the Bay Area and Silicon Valley California with Blue Chip organizations, then as an Entrepreneur with successful projects, this daughter of Africa from (Ethiopia) has made great impact in the Technology and the Business World.

A Woman with a future and a past, Sophia is well known in the Global ICT and Internet Society in her efforts to connect Africa to the rest of the World. With a long history of advocacy for private sector participation in the development agenda for emerging economies & Africa, and defining the role of governments through education as well as holding them to high standards of accountability and transparency, Bekele has set consecutive records publicly challenging policies and the authorities that set them, and won.

The website embodies the career of Ms. Bekele including her achievements, Challenges and future plans, her pictures, Biography, Interviews writing among others have been laid out in a concise manner.
As We launch the website the entire DCA fraternity wishes her success in all her present and future endeavors
You can have a look at the website and explore here