DotConnectAfrica celebrates 25 years of WWW since invention

Twenty-five years ago, precisely in 1989, the World Wide Web was just an idea from Tim Berners-Lee at the CERN lab in Switzerland, outlining a way to easily access files on linked computers it was a technical paper from a young computer scientist at a European physics lab that changed the global communication would happen. It was the beginning of writing new history that would open the space and make the world a village.

The Web was not an immediate winner out of a creative idea but faced competition from rival online services such as US-based CompuServe and France's Minitel but they involved fees, while Berners-Lee's system was free. In 1993 it was  announced that anyone would be free to use all the technology behind the World Wide Web, this gave the www an edge over the others as it would get users to analyze and improve it.

The resource that is now being used all over the world opened a frontier that has given people and institutions instant communications, apart from just communication, the internet has become a tool for use in all aspects of economies, education, research, communication and many other needs.

DotConnectAfrica an early advocate for the connection of gaps and bridging the digital divide celebrates this innovation. The internet is a platform that has given individuals and business a useful tool to manage day to day activities.

Africa for instance is a continent that has perhaps the youngest populations who are a niche market for mobile revolution and use of internet, Africa has therefore become a major market for technology innovations.

DotConnectAfrica which is an applicant for the .africa gTLD looks to celebrate WWW at 50 with .africa registry in space, this name space which is currently under review in ICANN will become a huge resource for the development of content, apps and e commerce apart from offering entrepreneurship opportunities.

As we celebrate 25 years since the birth of WWW let us endeavor to create more innovative opportunities for the young people to build their skill and change the world.