Domain Names (Identity, Exclusivity,Unity)

Top level domains  are instruments used to point to the origin of resources thereby giving a compass to the online user letting them appreciate and thereby utilize them more suitably.
Country code top level domains like or .ug have been instrumental to give identity to websites and articles found in the virtual world; however its difficult for a user who may not be very keen on the details to have the exact source of what they are consuming online, unless otherwise they do extra back ground  research .
Having more precise Top Level Domains to which the country code TLD’s will be derived from therefore opens an easier most appropriate way to spur development within and without the IT infrastructure and systems. “.africa” for instance is a perfect domain to give Africa an identity, exclusivity and unity of purpose which translates to a paradigm shift in governance, Finance, Health, Agriculture, Education and basically everything, commercially it becomes an “e-patent ” thereby paving an easier way to actually “OWN ” development.
A change in the way domains are structured by having more specific domains will bring a dawn that all continents and Africa especially have desired to have for too long.

By Gideon Rop