DotConnectAfrica Reports a Successful ICANN 44 at the Panoramic and Historic City of Prague

Czech Republic, a city whose history of Prague covers more than a thousand years, during which time the city grew from the Vyšehrad Castle to the capital of a modern European state, the Czech Republic.

Apart from the meetings deliberations, certainly the delegates to this meeting will remember the Picturesque views, Bridges and architectural wonders for a long time.

Czech is also a internet technology vibrant country being a leader in IPv6 having 8.6 % of its websites IPv6 compliant, and its .cz incorporated in the root.

DCA a was ably represented by a great team that included the Exec Dir/CEO Ms. Bekele  and a high level delegation from Kenya.   DCA has been able to muster lots of effort in campaigning for an African geoTLD  for the past 4 years within the global ICANN societies and Africa.  DCA  assured all stakeholders that asked including ICANN representatives that its applied for gTLD application is for "Africa" string and not a  ".dotafrica", as has been circulating in the press.   As in previous ICANN meetings, DCA continued to thereby participate in the most exciting way in the commercial stakeholder, AFRALO, AfriICANN  as well as technology forums, and its team members and advisers were most active in their