DotConnectAfrica attends AITEC 2012 Annual Summit.

DotConnectAfrica was privileged to be among the delegates to the AITEC Africa Summit held at the Oshwal Centre, Nairobi, 24-25 October .AITEC is the continent’s leading business event organizer for the ICT sector, is celebrating 25 years of serving Africa’s ICT community by holding a series of regional ICT Summits each year. The Summit covers West, Southern and East Africa.

DotConnectAfrica at AITEC 2012
The Summit brought together speakers from all over the globe to discuss ICT with the theme: “Smart Cities > Smart Societies > Smart Enterprises” and it also included a market-leading business-to-business exhibition alongside the extensive conference programme, whose focus areas were Data Security World ,Cloud Computing World ,Mobile Applications World Smart Exports: ICT-empowered services.
 Africa is gaining much ground in the ICT fiend and a such has become the focus of world leading firms to develop and establish long standing business enterprise relationships across the continent. This coupled with an extensive and ambitious multiple fiber connectivity that has provided the much needed broadband capacity to accommodate the rising need for bandwidth and favorable speeds.
The mobile sector is also largely the most advancing facet of the African internet quest for attaining the levels of developed nations in this information age. This comes clear even as the statistics show an exponential increase in the number of mobile devices subscribers, this coupled with young innovators who have risen to the task of developing locally compliant mobile applications to serve the immediate needs of its market share.

While giving his key note speech, The Permanent Secretary  Ministry of Information and Communications  Dr. Ndemo stressed on the need for the young people to be empowered so that they can be self reliant especially now that more opportunities for developing local content and applications is great, Speaking on the Smart cities, he noted the importance of developing such cyber cities to match the rapidly changing internet landscape. This includes Deploying ICT solutions to increase the quality of life for both urban and rural populations while delivering improved services in healthcare, education, agriculture and housing.
Issues of Cyber Security were also part of great deliberations with the panelists as well as delegates stressing on the importance of new focus in the development of mechanisms to counter the rise of cyber threats, a fact that is more real now than ever before. Cloud Computing was also a key topic with the experts outlining the rising need for the cloud  technology to be utilized, delegates also learned on the implications and the need for a concerted effort to analyze risks as well as benefits before deploying the cloud.
Another important session included the “ICT Skills Gap Forum” whose eminent panelists included industry , academia and Government experts who discussed extensively on the rapidly dynamic workforce environment and how to fill the gap that exists between the Academic and job sector. Since the workforce IT needs keep changing. “It has therefore become imperative that academic institutions actively engage with the private sector and government to be aware of what they need to incorporate into their curricula in order to prepare their graduates adequately for the job market” said Sean Moroney, Chairman AITEC.
“There is no doubt that universities and tertiary institutions are providing a large pool of graduates. The problem however lies in the large disparity between academia and work. Accreditation has therefore become key in this market” Concluded Kevit Desai, Chairman of the Linking Industry With Academia (LIWA) Trust.
In closing, the Minister of Information and Communications Hon, Samuel Phogisio Concluded by thanking the conveners of the AITEC Summit especially recognizing Mr. Moroney for working tirelessly for over 25 years to continuously organize successful events to tackle changing ICT sector, he noted that more needed to be done even as Kenya and indeed Africa and the world were embracing ICT

DotConnectAfrica looks forward to attending more AITEC summits and congratulates AITEC for 25 years of excellence.