DotConnectAfrica Participates in ICANN 45 Toronto Unveils new IBCA Initiative at ICANN Public Forum

DotConnectAfrica at ICANN 45 Toronto.

DotConnectAfrica had participated at the ICANN45 Meeting in Toronto, in Canada. DotConnectAfrica which was represented by its Back-End Registry Partner CentralNIC. DotConnectAfrica used the afforded presence of the entire ICANN Global Community gathered at Toronto to also unveil the IBCA – Internet Business Council for Africa –an initiative that it has independently developed as a component of the ICANN Africa Strategy. The objective of the IBCA is to increase and promote the participation of the African Private Sector, and the Africa/Global non-governmental constituency (involved in Africa) in the ICANN community and in Global Internet Governance.

The opening speech by the new ICANN CEO emphasized new management delivery goals and objectives that are pivoted on Affirmation of Purpose, Operations Excellence, Internationalization, and Multi-stakeholder Model Evolution; to be driven by a new global leadership that is operating based on a new management structure. Mr Clement who spoke on behalf of the Canadian government emphasized that vast potential that the Internet is and how it has transformed how the world communicates. He further outlined the efforts of the Canadian government to ensure an open Internet and the free flow of information, a  key component to stimulating innovation, growth and accountability.

The ICANN-45 Meeting in Toronto also saw the presentation of the initial draft of the ICANN Africa Strategy by the Africa Strategy Working Group (ASWG).  This initiative is hoped to increase the activity of ICANN in Africa and further press for more development oriented platforms in advancing the multi stakeholder approach.

The IBCA which was also introduced by DCA is an initiative that will rally alongside the ICANN strategy . It’s a strategy that is meant to run separately from and according to the DCA president Ms. Bekele  : “the proposed IBCA initiative squarely and tangibly addresses an important issue regarding increased African private sector participation at ICANN in a rather straight-forward manner”.  ”This is what makes the IBCA proposal quite compelling“, she added.

DCA President Ms. Bekele at ICANN Toronto
The ICANN 45 meeting was also a ripe opportunity that DCA delegates met Dr. Tarek Kamel who is the Senior Advisor to the ICANN President & CEO and also has the responsibility of leading the formulation of the ICANN Africa Strategy. The meeting with Dr. Kamel was utilized by DCA Trust to discuss the scope of the ICANN Africa Strategy, and after receiving the necessary reassurances that DCA Trust can participate in the Africa Strategy, DCA announced the IBCA initiative formally.

The Toronto meeting was a successful time for DCA who actively participated in the deliberations that transpired. The venue was also a welcome chance for the new gTLD program updates. The most recent activity concluded is the Public Comments Period which featured the submission of 8,956 comments for the Evaluation/Review Panels. In addition, 127 Change Requests were submitted by applicants, and 29 have so far been approved whilst 84 are in review, and 14 would require follow-up with applicants. So far, 7 applications have been withdrawn and no objections have been filed.