voices: Impact of dotafrica on my perception of the internet

With this third generation in Africa, I can’t say that the internet is an old thing. Most of us have started using the internet after high school, and the sites we visit more often being the social networks like Facebook, Myspace etc. The internet has really helped us in communications especially with the corporates and distant friends and relatives.
When I was still a freshman in campus, impatience really used to eat me up while waiting for my friend to come out of the computer lab. I could not understand how she could spend more than twenty minutes surfing the internet since I only knew that guys surf only to check emails and Facebook which only takes a maximum of ten minutes. This changed when I started volunteering with DCA, as I continue working I find the internet more and more exciting to explore and now I can even sign up for more than an hour.
I feel strange when a whole day passes without me visiting the internet, it is as if I have done nothing meaningful when it passes without me responding to my mails and checking out on what we learned in class, the latest trends in communication and design.
Carrying books from one end to another is not only boring and tiresome but also looks outmoded. Peoples’ reading culture has tremendously gone down and I’m not the only one complaining. If you can read an old boring coursework textbook for more than an hour and still find yourself concentrating, then count yourself to be among the lucky ones. I cant understand what happened, I’m always fascinated to learn new stuff but not through reading old boring textbooks in the libraries. That is why I appreciate the internet for the various sites of information, which come with nice colors and fonts to spice up my reading. I get to read books on the internet and even subscribe for more information.
I think Dotafrica as the best thing that happened this year since it has made me discover a lot of things that I was missing out on.

By dotafrica intern, Liz Orembo