The voices: Liz Orembo’s experience on driving dotafrica initiative in a campus

As a intern, DCA has made me improve my communications as well as my interpersonal skills. I have also got to build my student network as I’ve been meeting and talking to students that I’ve been seeing around in campus but never got to talk to them.
The internship means I have to visit the internet regularly and whenever I do that, I get to discover cool and new gadgets on the internet that make me want to stay longer.
About the yes2dotAfrica campaigns, the areas that I am mostly concentrating on are the educational clubs and friends.
Throughout the course of my internship as a generation.african, I’ve been learning more about what it means to be a product presenter.  One of the main tasks of the job is keeping your eyes and ears open for what students consider cool to do or hear, then making them concrete by planning on what I am going to say during my next presentation.  One has to go out and find projects, rather than waiting for them to be assigned to you.  This system has the advantage of ensuring people work on something that interests them, and that they feel more ownership and investment in its success.    This creates a culture of initiative and self-direction extends throughout the entire campaign program.    Every intern and every team sets their goals for what they plan to accomplish that at the start of the week, complete with a measurable definition of success (key results). Performance reviews take into account not only how well you achieved your goals, but also how ambitious those goals were.

By dotafrica intern, Liz Orembo