DotConnectAfrica’s Reflections on the WCIT-12 Process

DotConnectAfrica Trust being an independent, non-profit and non-partisan organization that is based in Nairobi Kenya  and a Stakeholder in the Internet development and also an new gTLD of the applicant  “.africa” string. We are an organization whose  main charitable objects are: for the advancement of education in information technology to the African society; and in connection with to provide the African society with a continental Internet domain name to have access to Internet services for the people of Africa as a purpose beneficial to the public in general.

DotConnectAfrica has always encouraged all stakeholders to participate in this dialog, in particular the African Diaspora. In our observation and reflections of the Dubai WCIT 2012 process we wish to observe that the WCIT conference though much anticipated failed to achieve its goals of successfully providing new ITR’s. The meeting proceedings came below the expectations of majority of the ITU member states. Many came expecting dialogue and proper communication mechanisms to provide free flow of knowledge and information but that was never to be.
 Among the minimum issues that Internet community worldwide expected to be wisely managed are that WCIT would steer clear of the Internet governance and content and that there would be proper balance of all voices to no avail despite the assurances of the ITU Secretary General.
The intensity at which the proposals touched on the internet threatens the very existence of this diverse and free resource. DotConnectAfrica observes the involvement of the Multistakeholder approach in all internet related issues and encourages that it must be adopted if the continued thriving of the internet is to be upheld.

DCA encourages that any other discussions that concerning internet governance must be properly managed , organized and facilitated in a manner that will not endanger the gains that have been achieved at the expense of a few.