ICANN CEO optimistic while discussing New gTLD Milestones and Deadlines

Fadi Chehadé ICANN CEO
March 20, 2013, The ICANN CEO Fadi Chehadé gave a video report discussing the current new gTLD process its milestones and the deadlines that have been set. Throughout his talk, the CEO was confident and optimistic about the developments that have been achieved so far and more so after he took over the reins of the organization that manages the DNS.

He gave a report of his global trips that he has managed to be on these past months and especially mentioned Africa, the continent that ICANN has worked hard and has put steps forward to increase relations and activities that hopefully will help increase the DNS business sector that is still growing. This he says has given him incredible enthusiasm for the new gTLD program.

The CEO talked about how it’s going to affect the world and the anticipation with which all stakeholders were looking forward to an expanded DNS, like entrepreneurs looking to expand their ideas, the commitment of those who want to express themselves in their own scripts like the Chinese and Arabic users, governments looking to expand their economies in the planet.

Kenya was mentioned as an example of a country that has focused on the internet as a key element of its economies, where 20% of its GDP is based on ICT a remarkable state, South Africa known for mining is also big on the internet business. 
He was pleased that ICANN is on track and within its timelines ,mentioning the Drawing URS Contention sets and this week the first batch of the initial evaluation panel results were released in order of the prioritization draw.

The trademark clearing house he said is also ready to take on the registration of the new trademarks  which is expected to begin on March 26, 2013. The Strawman solution and the immense numbers of public comments that aided in making decisions that affect the process, such as implementing the 30 day period for each sunrise of a new gTLD, among others

He promised that all milestones will be in place and that all the target dates will be achieved. That will culminate to the delegation of gTLDs on April 23rd, he requested that there is need for a common stand that will help in hitting the set targets

He concludes that “the excitement about the new gTLDs is global and is upon us and I urge all of us to keep that focus in mind and to work together without cutting corners but rather with collegiality, with genuine common interest, always from the bottom up, always involving everyone with public interest and the  growth in DNS balanced properly so that we can be proud of what  we achieved in these weeks”

View the video below