22-23 July - 2009, African Union, Addis Ababa Ethiopia

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia: African Union - HQ
Following the ministerial meeting at the African Union, Principals of DotConnetAfrica were invited and participated in the experts group workshop re: Harmonization of ICT Policy and Regulatory Framework in Africa. The workshop is to articulate the need for Vision, Leadership and the Role of the different Stakeholders. "Regulatory frameworks in African countries if exist have not been effective, largely due to institutional arrangements that seldom provide regulators with autonomy, independence and legitimacy. It has been difficult to formulate, implement and enforce effective e-strategies and policies due to a lack of specialist expertise, and the inability of the regulators to challenge powerful incumbents and operators. Universal access funds were not disbursed efficiently. Policies that promote pluralistic content have also not been successful due to strong government and private sector interests in the media. ICT regulations in Africa tend to be reactive rather than proactive and policy-makers and regulators have lacked capacity to implement innovative reform agendas", Stated the concept note organized by the Commision of Science & Technology of the AU.
Aligning ICT policies strategies and regulation with Development; An integrated approach to ICT sector development; Promotion of the reference framework for the harmonization of Telecommunications/ICT policies and regulations; Promotion of capacity building both human and institutional; Coordination and synergies between national, regional and continental frameworks; Benchmarking and monitoring of progress. - Press: DotConnectAfrica: http://www.dotconnectafrica.org/