DotConnectAfrica attends the KeNIC AGM

DotConnectAfrica attended the KeNIC Annual general Meeting that was Successfully convened at the Sarova Panafric Nairobi on 24th August 2012. The positive outcome had Kenyan Network Information Center (KeNIC) that has promised to bring several changes that are geared towards the improvement of the ccTLD registration and managing transitions within the organization that manages the .ke ccTLD.

Many changes have been adopted that are intended to bring a paradigm shift to the existing situation at the registry, the changes proposed have been made after a wide and professional consultations and are expected to breathe new life.

Mr. Buruchara’s changes have been taken positively at least from how he explained. He actually didn’t fire anyone as alleged in some local dailies report but that the initiated a change of structure that overhauled the existing posts and redefined them with new defined responsibilities  thereby necessitating the existing staff to opt for the send off packages instead of the reapplying for the new Job, TESPOK has taken over tech support at KENIC for now.
The Kenyan Permanent Secretary of information Mr. Bitange Ndemo while giving his key note speech emphasized on the Kenyan Network Information Center KeNIC adopting the ICANN multistakeholder policy that would aid its growth , he stressed on the need to improve how governance structures were sculptured so that Kenya remains at part with the rest of the developed nations.
Dr. Ndemo with the
DCA President at a past event
Among notable discussions that were proposed included the efforts that could be employed to scale up the uptake of the .ke ccTLD , one of the delegates Mr.Longwe an active Kenyan internet technology professional  proposed the positive and  aggressively using the leverage of the government to get the Registrar of Companies to include as a requirement any company registering a company  to also register a domain name under the .ke  like Rwanda have done, this would enable individuals to adopt the .ke name by default.

He also added  the inclusion the .ke.Africa agenda among the development strategies as a preparatory measure in strategy so that KeNIC  would be the principle registrar for names once it has been delegated. These recommendations among others proposed have been taken to count and will greatly aid the uptake and the turnaround of the ccTLD’s in Kenya.

The outgoing Chair discussed the Kenyan internet environment saying that though personal computer penetration has been slow, the mobile phone internet access has placed Kenya and Africa at large in the map. He lauded the many multinational organizations that are setting up in Kenya to reflect on the need to put Kenya as the East African Hub. Companies like IBM. He added that  KeNIC  has embraced change that will affect the numbers of ccTLD’s upwards.

The training of web designers as well as registrars would greatly be welcome as a strategy to localize the uptake of ccTLD’s as well as introducing new dispute resolution mechanism among other changes that reflect the ICANN requirement, Indeed the positive discussions signal a better year for the industry as Kenya gears up to increase its internet presence.

These events come up even as Kenya prepares to host the 2nd Freedom Online Conference on 6th and 7th September at UNON complex, Gigiri