Rejoinder & Official Response to Kevin Murphy -DOMAININCITE

30 July 2012
Dear Mr. Murphy,

Our attention has been drawn to your recent Blogged article (Re: "DotConnectAfrica - disconnected from reality?" - retrieved from

We would like to begin by saying how grateful we are for the kind sentiments expressed in your Blog that DCA Trust should be commended for raising the profile of .AFRICA.    Even so, we think that we have not been given enough credit for all our hard-work; all the same, we are humbled by your honest acknowledgement of DCA's efforts and wish that other commentators and observers will also highlight DCA's important contributions regarding DotAfrica.

However, we believe that there are certain opinions and insinuations contained in your Blog which we must now respond to.

First, we wish to hereby affirm that it is the intention of DCA Trust to protect itself from becoming the victim or to suffer any harm from the insidious effects of the cuckoo-business model that UniForum SA (trading either as ZA Central Registry or Registry.Africa) is practicing.   Indeed, you will agree with us, that at the time you wrote in your Blog during 2011 to explain what the cuckoo-business model was all about, UniForum had not shown any interest in DotAfrica.   Actually, it was ARC, whose proposed directors (Neil Dundas et. al.) also happen to be the directors of UniForum that had certain designs on DotAfrica. Following the failure of their opportunistic business plan which you coined as cukoo-business model, that was conveyed using the unsuccessful ARC vehicle, they reverted to using UniForum to pursue their aims. Therefore, DCA Trust will try its level best to ensure that this type of duplicity is continuously exposed for all to see.

Second, we expect that as an independent, non-partisan Blogger, your views should be balanced, so that your analyses are not portrayed as 'sponsored'Even though we do not expect your open support, DCA Trust expects you to be at least, sympathetic to its cause. Your statement that "If anyone is going to get the .africa registry contract, it's the other applicant: Uniforum, the South African ccTLD registry" is quite unprofessional, unwarranted, and sub judice to the ICANN evaluation process that has just started. We expect you to show impartiality in your reportage and bridle your instincts of prematurely calling the results of an application process that is yet to be decided by the necessary ICANN Evaluation and other proper due processes that must be brought to bear. We therefore urge you to kindly refrain from making such injudicious comments in the future. Read More