: Your new Mobile aware personalized portal.

ICANN today launched an new portal that is completely mobile-aware and mobile ready, its an addition to, according to ICANN president and CEO who first introduced it, “it's a new environment that's personalized, that has a master calendar, because god knows how many things are going on in the icann community and it gives you the ability, in one place, to get in and get your work done at icann.”

The portal has four main components, that is information distribution and management, training tools for the new participants and a collaboration tool for synchronous and asynchronous meetings, Mr. Chehade continued that “we're going to also take all of our internal systems as we build them and bring them online and connect them into myicann. So if you have some team at ICANN managing your trouble ticket, you'll be able, through myicann, to see that trouble ticket, its status, what's going on with it, live.
This is an interesting development that will allow users to use any mobile device; they can link it to their RSS engine, their e-mail engine, their calendar. It’s a v1, a beta. Meaning that ICANN has to still have to work on things like DNSSEC and ipv6.and as Mr Chehade says “we’re just starting.”
He promised the introduction of a subsequent version that will have three other core activities then a version 3 would start including the ICANN internal Systems as they come online.
The portal also streams all information live from sources, it has a very smart engine that generates any other information, inside as you log in, you are able to personalize it and have it in your own calendar at your specific time zone.
This is certainly a great product from ICANN and we look forward to its improvement, perhaps you can log in and create your account now, and receive information from the ICANN45 at Toronto Canada.
Lastly ICANN welcomes you to give your ideas on how to improve the site.